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100% intuitive HR technology designed for HR professionals like you

No gobbledygook or technobabble - an all-in-one HR software solution designed by HR experts to tackle your biggest HR challenges. Simplify HR processes, reduce repetitive admin, remove duplication and save time.  

Proud to be the People Tech Partner for The HR Ninjas, elementsuite is the next level in HR software. 

All in one HR software solution.

Increase staff retention, reduce overheads, improve engagement and eliminate mundane, time consuming processes.  What are you waiting for?


Flexible, all-in-one HR software

  • Everything you need in a single solution - one login
  • Select modules that are right for your business
  • No more paper - everything captured electronically 
  • ONE safe, secure and scalable platform
  • Includes your brand and your personality
  • No more re-keying or duplication
  • Accessible on any mobile device for all your people

No surprises, No fuss

  • Feature list warranted in contract
  • Fast, transparent implementation live within 90 days 
  • Configure at company, site or specific level.
  • Access to delivery plan, online project progress & resources
  • Data migration and integration
  • Seamless transition to business as usual

Flexible, Scalable and Secure

  • Powerful security and ISO27001 compliance 
  • Handles complex operating models with ease, such as hourly paid, franchises and flexible working
  • Trust your single source people data
  • Smart dashboards with real-time insights
  • Friendly and easily accessible support team

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The HR Ninja Tech Community

An exclusive collaboration with HR Ninjas. Cutting through the jargon, to provide advice, best practice, guidance and open and honest answers to anything HR Tech.

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"...I could not believe how much information has been provided... I get access to this because I am an HR Ninja... thank you. "

Sian Duncan
An HR Ninja

"The People Tech Hub is epic in terms of its content and information! And all provided free of charge and exclusively for our Ninjas. For anyone looking to upgrade or introduce HRIS into their organisation the Elementsuite People Tech hub really is a must! Go check it out!"

Lizzie Henson
The HR Ninjas