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We are excited to announce that our AI for HR webinar is back by popular demand! 🌟

Join our live re-run of this session to upskill yourself on all things AI. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword; and as HR professionals, we need to make sure we understand its impact on the workplace so that we don't get left behind. 

Angela Moyle has designed a series of webinars exclusively for HR Ninjas 1f9e1.png to guide you through this exciting era of AI - all in her normal no-nonsense style. Plain English, no acronyms, not recorded - live sessions! 🙌

Session 2: AI for HR

Explore how AI is reshaping HR functions in real-life scenarios. From talent acquisition to employee engagement and performance management, discover how AI can affect your day-to-day as a HR professional, and even elevate your HR strategies.

Date: Thursday 18th April

Time: 11:30am

Duration: 45 minutes

Don't miss out on this opportunity to demystify AI for HR. Let us be your trusted guide as we take you through the steps towards building a future-ready HR department.


So, what's next? 

Session 3: AI for business

HR departments don't work in isolation. We all know HR is at the heart of any business. And so it's HR that will ultimately have to guide the business through AI. But fear not, we're here to help you.

Explore how AI can address specific business needs, from streamlining processes to making data-driven decisions that significantly impact your bottom-line.


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